Authenticity is our credo.

Our philosophy is to make the best of the outstanding potential that nature has entrusted upon us. This results in a huge responsibility towards the family, nature, history and ultimately the wine itself. Our greatest gifts are our vineyards, the vines and the knowledge gained from long-standing tradition, enhanced with intuition and curiosity. The subtle nuances of the individual vineyards must therefore be perceptible, identifiable and, above all, palatable in their uniqueness.

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You have to have an idea of wine. I love to work in the vineyard - the creative act of winemaking begins in spring.
Franz Xaver (FX) Pichler

We want to make wines that are a true reflection of the year, the soil and the specific microclimate of the Wachau. Every wine should be unique and distinctive.

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We make seamless wines, that's our hallmark.
Lucas F. Pichler

Vineyard: 20 hectares (approx. 49 acres)
50 % valley-floor vineyards
20 % valley-floor terraced hillside vineyards
30 % steeply inclined terraced vineyard sites
Hand work in all vineyards

Grape varieties
52 % Grüner Veltliner
46 % Riesling
1 % Sauvignon Blanc
1 % Gelber Muskateller

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