Notes on Grüner Veltliner selection massale

The selection massale notebooks written by Franz Pichler senior (1906–1998) unite yesterday, today and tomorrow. This selection massale was first recorded in 1928 on the Loibenberg and in the Steinertal vineyards, with the aim of taking cuttings from vines displaying the most positive properties of the Grüner Veltliner grape variety. These observations led to yield a Grüner Veltliner that produces smaller grapes with higher extract, and thus a lower yield, with less susceptibility to fungal diseases and rot.

We continue to reproduce the chosen selection and it is found in many of our Veltliner vineyards today. Out of respect and gratitude to our founding fathers, we continue to employ this very long term and extremely time-consuming selection to preserve and pass on the knowledge that has been handed down though our vineyards for the future.


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Selection massale: The term “massale selection” involves identifying a selection of outstanding old vines from the vineyard and then propagating new vines from these cuttings (or budwood) for the sole purpose of reproduction. The selected vines, also called field sections, are pruned and grafted onto suitable supports in nurseries so that they may be replanted. In this way, vineyards with old, high-quality vines can be renewed again. The process results in increased diversity compared with clonal selection.

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Our Story
began in 1898

2020 – 2014

2012 – 2009

2006 – 2002

1999 – 1996

1991 – 1984

1971 – 1898


The F.X. Pichler family winery resigned their membership of the Vinea Wachau winegrowers’ association after 38 years.

100 point rating from James Suckling and A la Carte magazine, 98-100 points from Falstaff magazine and 20/20 points were awarded from René Gabriel for the 2019 Riesling “Unendlich”.


100 points from Falstaff magazine for the 2017 Grüner Veltliner “Unendlich”.

Official handover of the winery to Lucas F. Pichler


100 points from A la Carte for the 2017 Riesling “Unendlich”.

The F.X. Pichler winery is named "World Champion" by Falstaff magazine


First Grüner Veltliner “Unendlich” since 2003

100 points awarded by James Suckling for the 2016 Riesling Ried Kellerberg


Franz Xaver Pichler receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Vineus Vine Award 2014 Video on YouTube


Franz Xaver Pichler receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from the German trade publication “Der Feinschmecker”.


Franz Xaver Pichler receives the Vinaria Trophy for his Lifetime Achievement. New single-vineyard wine is the Dürnsteiner Liebenberg Grüner Veltliner.


Construction and opening of the new and modern winery in Oberloiben 57, set within the Ried Klostersatz vineyard.


Robert Parker Jr’s tasting book ranks the F.X. Pichler winery among the 100 best wineries worldwide.


Robert Parker Jr. tastes 12 dry white wines from our winery with ratings between 90 points and 97+ for the 2000 Riesling Unendlich


Lucas Pichler takes over the vinification. F.X. Pichler continues to take meticulous care of the vineyards.


First vintage of Riesling Unendlich (infinite)


Lucas Pichler (born in 1973) joins the winery


First vintage of Grüner Veltliner – M (monumental)


International breakthrough with the 1990 Riesling Kellerberg as winner in the international comparative tasting (Paris/London/NY)


National breakthrough with the 1984 Grüner Veltliner Loibenberg and the Gelber Muskatteller “Wine of the Year”.


Franz Xaver (F.X.) Pichler (born in 1941) officially takes over the family winery.


Start of the selection of Grüner Veltliner by Franz Pichler senior (born in 1906).


Founding of the winery in Oberloiben 27.